Lirik Lagu Be Okay Again Today - Pamungkas

Pamungkas Lirik Lagu Be Okay Again Today - Pamungkas

Jakarta, News -

Be Okay Again Today menjadi salah satu lagu Pamungkas di album terbaru Solipsism.

Lagu ini menyuguhkan alunan musik yang didominasi gitar akustik serta lirik lagu yang mendalam.

Berikut News sajikan liriknya di bawah ini.


Just cause it's in the cloud
Doesn't mean it's all that I'm about
Oh honey I'd tell you
Everythin' about me
I'd do it with the anger you caused me
But what for?
Since you only listen to yourself
Go figure the rest out

Say what you mean
Say what you really mean to say
Words betray, it hurts without a warning
Say what you need
Say what you really need to say
Words can kill, it's real without you knowing
And by the way
I could just say it back to you, it's easy
But honey I choose to be okay again today

Just cause they're too loud
Doesn't mean you had to start your doubts
Oh honey I'll tell you
We are all sad and lonely
Longing for a home to rest out
But maybe
Maybe the funny place called home is inside within

So run if you need
Grab your hat, fetch your camera
Film the world, be free
Be the bird's eye
Maybe you'll see
Maybe you'll say it back to me
In the end it's you
You are your own home
And by the way
No one can save you but yourself
So I hope
Honey you choose to be okay again today




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