Lirik Lagu The Arsonist - Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin Lirik Lagu The Arsonist - Alec Benjamin/Foto: instagram.com/alecbenjamin

Jakarta, News -

Alec Benjamin diketahui baru merilis album studio terbarunya bertajuk '12 Notes'.

Album tersebut dirilis pada 10 Mei kemarin di mana 'The Arsonist' menjadi salah satu lagu andalannya.

Simak lirik lagunya di bawah ini:


I threw away the evidence and every little trace
By now, it should be evident that?
I'm? the one to? blame
I own the conflagration, it was?
I who lit the flame
Then I flushed all of my matches down the drain

Oh, I know there's no excuse for what I did
So the only thing I can do is admit
I was the arsonist
The one who burned us to the ground after the argument
Set fire to the room with our hearts in it
And though I said that you're the one who started it
I started it
I was the arsonist
But now I'll make it up to you for all the darkness
For everything I put you through, let me start with this
I started it
Now I'll build back that room with our hearts in it
I was the arsonist

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